The Michael Davis

  • .495 bore
  • yellow brass
  • 7.5 inch bell
  • custom lightweight parts

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The Michael Davis+

  • .508 bore
  • yellow brass
  • 7.75 inch bell
  • custom lightweight parts

$3,595.00*  BUY AT HBMSTORE

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For 27 years I played a 1961 Silver King 2B. It was with me
on hundreds of recordings and years of touring with the Rolling Stones,
Frank Sinatra and Buddy Rich. It was my horn.
When Steve sent me our final version of the Michael Davis trombone,
it took one B-flat scale to realize this trombone is without question,
the finest instrument I have ever played.
THIS is my horn.
Thank you team Shires for creating a masterpiece.
—Michael Davis
Our collaboration on the Michael Davis trombone has led us to an entirely new instrument. Along with Michael, we've developed a completely new style of bell and slide. Even the bracing was studied and dramatically adjusted. Together, I believe we have created a superb trombone.
—Steve Shires
This is the greatest small-bore trombone I have ever played.
Joe Fiedler, NY Recording Artist
Eddie Palmieri, Mark Anthony, Spanish Harlem Orchestra
I may never sound like Michael Davis, but with this horn I've got a shot.
Scott Hartman
Internationally renowned soloist, Professor of Trombone, Yale University
This horn is amazing. Shires and Michael have developed an instrument that is truly something special.
Keith O'Quinn, Lead Trombone,
Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra, Bob Mintzer Big Band
The more I play this instrument, the more I want to play it. Effortless and beautiful. Can't wait to get my hands on one.
Demian Austin
Principal Trombone, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
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