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I think as musi­cians we tend to have high hopes for our con­certs and var­ious events we’re involved in. Despite our some­times less than cheery demeanor, we’re an opti­mistic lot who strive to make our­selves and those around us better. It’s just the way we’re wired I sup­pose. Maybe that’s why I love hanging out with musicians?

Last fall, I was con­tacted by the great trom­bonist of the Boston Sym­phony Orchestra, Mr. Steve Lange. Steve is also a fac­ulty member at the pres­ti­gious New Eng­land Con­ser­va­tory of Music in Boston. Steve asked if I would like to be the guest artist at this year’s Brass Bash event at NEC. It took me all of two and a half sec­onds to utter a resounding YES! Per­haps not the best nego­ti­ating stance, but I’m sure Steve appre­ci­ated my enthu­siasm for the event.

with Steve Lange @ NEC’s Brass Bash 2.24.13

Brass Bash took place three weeks ago and was one of the most exhil­a­rating and inspiring events I’ve ever been involved in. Working with the stu­dents at NEC and having them per­form my music, and per­forming with the great BSO sec­tion, was splen­dif­erous. I’m grateful to Steve and everyone involved for the care and pas­sion they brought to the pro­ceed­ings. I would like to make spe­cial men­tion of the vir­tu­osic job Mr. Jim Markey did in per­forming my piece Trom­bone Insti­tute of Tech­nology. At the risk of crossing the ever present line of offen­sive­ness, if the term “bad ass” doesn’t apply to Mr. Markey, it may be time to stricken it from the ver­nac­ular. The evening was capped off with a fan­tastic hang with my bud­dies Steve and Jim from Cape Cod and the omnipo­tent Wes Hopper. Too much fun indeed. A word to the wise, get your tickets early for Brass Bash 2014! It’s awesome!!

From the sub­lime to the ridicu­lous, 30 years ago tomorrow I got on Buddy Rich’s Band. It was always a dream of mine to play on one of the big bands and for that to become a reality is some­thing I’m extremely grateful for, even 30 years later. Here’s to all the dreams, expe­ri­ences and people that help shape our lives and careers. Thank you Buddy!

Buddy Rick making fun of my fear of flying. Dublin 1984

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