Viva Vitoria/Super Aarhus

In addi­tion to great food, family and friends, Thanks­giving is always a won­derful time to reflect on the many things we have to be grateful for. While my grat­i­tude list grows longer everyday, two recent events were absolutely sub­lime. In Sep­tember, I had the honor of being a guest artist at the 19th Annual Brazilian Trom­bone Fes­tival. The spirit of the people of Brazil is second to none, and when you com­bine that with a hun­dred or so wildly pas­sionate trom­bone players, it’s a match made in heaven. A week of exquisite music making and ener­gizing trom­bone playing was high­lighted by the final con­cert where all the fes­tival atten­dees marched through the Vitoria town park playing Brazilian folks songs. Two months later, it still gives me goose­bumps. A spe­cial shout out to my new trom­bone brothers, Rafael and Pedro, who made the week one of the best of the year.

19th Annual Brazilian Trom­bone Fes­tival — Sept. 2013 — Vitoria, Brazil

Two weeks ago, I had the equally won­derful priv­i­lege of spending six days at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Den­mark. I cannot express in words what a plea­sure it is to work with an inspired pro­fessor and vibrant group of stu­dents like those in Aarhus. It gives me a renewed sense of energy and pas­sion for music that I am beyond grateful for. In addi­tion to working with the bril­liant trom­bone pro­fessor Niels-Ole Bo Johansen and his excep­tional stu­dents, I also had the plea­sure of per­forming with the Prince of Den­mark Band, as well as the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra trom­bone sec­tion. Kudos and adu­la­tion go out to all these won­derful musi­cians of Aarhus. The spirit of the Danish people rivals that of the Brazil­ians and their opti­mism is always at the fore­front when they answer ques­tions and state­ments with a bois­terous SUPER! Super Aarhus!!

With the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra trom­bone sec­tion — Aarhus, Den­mark — 11.15.13

Happy Thanks­giving and tons of grat­i­tude to all.

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