Trumpets Aplenty!

One of the truly great aspects of being a musi­cian is the inspi­ra­tion that comes from those we are for­tu­nate enough to work with. It recharges musical bat­teries, moti­vates improve­ment and per­sonal growth and gives us an emo­tional zing that few things can. As a trom­bone player, playing with great trumpet players is both a gift and a neces­sity for our own instru­ment to shine. The trom­bone is often called upon to com­pli­ment and sup­port the direc­tion laid down by our treble clef brass brethren. When done cor­rectly, it can feel like the ulti­mate well oiled machine. I recently had a two week stretch where I had the improb­able plea­sure of working with sev­eral of the finest trumpet artists alive today in a variety of attrac­tive situations.

w/Tony Kadleck — Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga recording ses­sions NYC — 7.30.13

It com­menced with 2 days of recording ses­sions in New York for the new Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga CD. At the helm of the superb trumpet sec­tion was the great Tony Kadleck, arguably one of the finest commercial/jazz lead trumpet players any­where in the world. That was fol­lowed with a day of recording my new 10 Minute Warm-Up book/play-along CD with the peer­less Phil Smith, unde­ni­ably the greatest orches­tral trumpet player this side of the late Bud Herseth.

w/Phil Smith — 10 MWU recording ses­sion NYC — 7.31.13

The odyssey con­tinued with two days in Los Angeles shooting two bone2pick inter­views and two Hip-BoneU lessons with the inim­itable and iconic legend Mr. Chuck Findley and the her­culean master of the upper reg­ister, the great Wayne Berg­eron. As if that wasn’t enough to send me run­ning for the prac­tice room like a rotweiller smelling a steak, I fol­lowed that with a week at the Tonica jazz sem­inar in Guadala­jara, Mexico where I had the dis­tinct plea­sure of working with one of the undis­puted vir­tuosi of the jazz trumpet world, Mr. Alex Sipiagin.

Thank you com­man­dants of the bugle for the inspi­ra­tion you bring to all of us every time you pick up the tool of your trade!



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