Trombone Days Rock!

Just spent a great weekend in San Marcos, TX as the guest artist of the 2nd annual Trom­bone Day at Texas State Uni­ver­sity. A ter­rific event headed by Dr. Martin McCain, one of the excel­lent trom­bone pro­fes­sors at Texas State. It was a full day of rehearsals, mas­ter­classes and an evening per­for­mance that won’t be for­gotten. Kudos go out to Martin and his stu­dents for the superb orga­nizing and playing they did to make this event a roaring success

2.19.12 San Marcos, TX 2nd Annual Texas State Trom­bone Day with Michael Davis and Dr. Martin McCain

Over the past sev­eral months, I have had the extreme plea­sure of being the guest artist at four Trom­bone Days. In November, it was the Cal­i­fornia State East Bay TD, headed by Dick Akright and Billy Robinson. In October, it was the Boston Con­ser­va­tory TD bril­liantly orga­nized and lead by Wes Hopper and Angel Subero. And in Sep­tember, we cel­e­brated Mark Lusk’s 25 years of pro­fes­sor­ship with the Penn State Trom­bone Labor Days.

These events are incred­ible cel­e­bra­tions of our instru­ment and are truly inspiring. My hat goes off to all the great teachers and trom­bon­ists who make these events happen. It’s hard to put into words how much time, energy and effort goes into each event, but rest assured, it’s a bloody ton! So thank you Martin, Dick, Billy, Wes, Angel and Mark for the amazing work you do!

This is the first install­ment of Con­nected to the Hip-Bone, so I’d like to take this oppor­tu­nity to wel­come everyone. I hope you’ll check in on a reg­ular basis as I try to keep everyone up to date with var­ious projects and activ­i­ties here in New York, at Hip-Bone Music and on the road.



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