Tis the Season

Grat­i­tude and giving. We hear those words a lot this time of year, but they are impor­tant and mean­ingful words any time of year. If we were to incor­po­rate grat­i­tude and giving into our lives on a daily basis, I think we’d all be sur­prised how much better we feel.

I recently read a quote by a gen­tleman on face­book who had just lost his teenage daughter. It read: God has a new Angel and included a photo of his deceased daughter. And my prob­lems are what again?? It put me in a state of grat­i­tude that lasted sev­eral days. I’m grateful to that gen­tleman for sharing his pain in order to help the rest of us realize how much we have. I try everyday to spend 5 or 10 min­utes saying  out loud all the things I’m grateful for. It’s amazing how easy it is to fill up those minutes!

The Cen­tral New York Jazz Orchestra is an orga­ni­za­tion I am very grateful for. I had the plea­sure of per­forming a Rob McConnell tribute con­cert with them on Nov. 18th in Syra­cuse, NY. The band is made up of some of the finest musi­cians in upstate New York, an area with a won­derful tra­di­tion of extra­or­di­nary musi­cian­ship. It was a ter­rific con­cert, with excep­tional playing from all the band mem­bers, won­derful arrange­ments written by the great Rob McConnell and a large, enthu­si­astic audi­ence to sup­port the pro­ceed­ings. Lead by the esteemed Larry Lut­tinger and Bret Zvacek, the Cen­tral NY Jazz Orchestra is a beacon of what an arts orga­ni­za­tion should be.

Cen­tral NY Jazz Orchestra w/Michael Davis — Syra­cuse, NY 11.18.12

As sup­porters of the arts and music pro­grams in gen­eral, it is impor­tant that we all find a way to lend sup­port to the efforts of orga­ni­za­tions like the Cen­tral NY Jazz Orchestra. Even with the for­tu­itous re-election of Pres­i­dent Obama, funding for the arts is on a sharp down­ward slope. In this time of giving, don’t forget to sup­port the arts and music in anyway you can. Go to a con­cert, buy a CD, make a dona­tion, listen to public radio, intro­duce the music of a great artist to a young person, buy a new instru­ment for your niece or nephew.…the list is end­less. It truly will make a dif­fer­ence and make you feel good too.

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