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I have been a big fan of Joe Alessi since I was in high school. Joe and I both grew up in the bay area and he was already a star by the time he was in high school. We’ve gone on to work together many times in New York on motion picture soundtracks, television commercials and even a few Hip-Bone Music projects. It is always an inspiration and a tremendous motivation to play with Joe. He plays at the highest level every time he picks up his instrument and his presence makes everyone around him better. There may be some as good, but there are none better than Joe Alessi. I’m honored to have been able to share this time with him and gain some insight into his extraordinary life and career.

—Michael Davis

Joe Alessi Interview, Part 1

Joe Alessi Interview, Part 2

Joe Alessi Interview, Part 3

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Joe Alessi has been the
pre-eminent orchestral trombonist in the world for over 3 decades. He was appointed Principal Trombone of the New York Philharmonic in 1985 and has recorded over a dozen solo CDs. He has had numerous pieces written for him, including the Pulitzer Prize winning Christopher Rouse Trombone Concerto. As professor of trombone at the Juilliard School, he has placed numerous students in orchestras around the world and also founded the Alessi Seminar, an intensive program for the highest level in trombone playing.

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New Brass CD

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